The staff at The 10th Street Eyecare Center - left to right:

Misty Parker,

Dr. Russell McCaulley,

Barbara Ritter,

Dr. Nicole Miller,

Jonni Weesner,

Dolores Shaheen,

Megan Post,

Tina Fredrick,

Linda Bender,

Katelyn Kaiser,

Alaycia Ryan,

Cassie Niedens,

Haley Deines,

Courtney Dillon,

Wendy Litzenberger,

Alicia Spore,

Marilyn Ille

Dr. Chad Premer

Traci Ehrlich

Photo of staff

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide the most caring and professional optometric care available to our patients.

We will provide this care in a compassionate and ethical manner with doctors and staff who are genuinely concerned, helpful and friendly toward all.

We will exceed our patients’ expectations and always make them feel like they are guests in our office.

Healthy Eyes for Active Lives

See the world … Watch the children play … Gaze at the stars … Visit family … Take in a Broadway Show … Observe a prairie sunset.

Think about the opportunities your eyes provide you during your lifetime.  It’s important to take care of them, just as you do with other aspects of your health.

The 10th Street Eyecare Center is Your Comprehensive Source for Healthy Eyes!

In Great Bend and surrounding areas, we can conveniently provide most of your eyecare needs in one place, making QUALITY EYECARE EASY for YOU. That allows more time for you to enjoy your active life.

Let Us Help You.

Whether you or your family member needs an eye examination, a new pair of glasses or contacts, we are eager to meet your eye-health needs. Contact us when we can be of service to you.